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Health Benefits Premium Conversion
More Money on Payday! If you have Federal Employees Health Benefits premiums withheld from your pay, then follow this link for an information sheet about Premium Conversion from the Office of Personnel Management. Follow this link for a worksheet to estimate the effect of premium conversion on Social Security retirement benefits.

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Relocation Service - Check the Vacancy Announcement that you are applying to.  It will contain information on whether the Agency is offering Relocation Assistance for that particular recruitment effort.  Relocation Assistance is not a mandatory recruitment tool, and is only used in certain situations. 

Orientation & Benefits - Once you are selected for a position within BIE, you will be contacted by either the Human Resources Office or the Business Manager/Business Technician responsible for your new position.  They will provide information regarding your new employee orientation and benefits you may be entitled to.  If you are interested in general information regarding benefits for Federal employees, you might visit the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) website:  www.opm.gov.  Our website also has a link to benefits information - follow this link

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Bureau of Indian Education Talent Recruiters

Shannon G. Freeman
Office Phone:  405.247.6670 ext. 317
Email:  shannon.freeman@bie.edu


Tony Scheler

Office Phone:  505.563.5254