Bureau of Indian Education | Academic Achievement

Academic Achievement Programs 

The Mission of the Academic Achievement Programs Office is to help Schools, ADDs  and ELOs  meet the education needs of low-achieving children in the Bureau of Indian Educations' (Priority) persistently lowest achieving schools.

Primary Monitoring Vehicles:

  • Ongoing communication with Schools, ELOs, and ADDs and continuous reviews of data, trends, and issues.
  • On-site monitoring and technical assistance using SIG Checklist, SRCL Checklist, AAP staff, CORE consultants, ELO staff. 
  • Desk Monitoring reviewing academic benchmark data, Native Star Leading and Lagging Indicators, Rapid Improvement Indicators, SIG Intervention and on-site monitoring reports. 


 School Improvement Grants   

Cohort I-SY 2010-11

Cohort I-SY 2010-11 SIG NCES Award Intervention (4.30.2013)

Alamo Navajo School Board Inc.-Cohort I 

American Horse School-Cohort I

Chemawa Indian School-Cohort I

Crystal Boarding School-Cohort I

Dibe Yazhi Habitiin Olta, Inc-Cohort I

Flandreau Indian School-Cohort I

Lake Valley School-Cohort I

Lummi Tribal School-Cohort I

Ohkay Owingeh-Cohort I

Porcupine School-Cohort I

Tsiya Day School-Cohort I

Cohort II-SY 2012-13

Cohort II-SY 2012-13 SIG NCES Award Intervention (4.30.2013)

Chichiltah Community School-Cohort II

Chief Leschi School-Cohort II

Mescalero Apache School-Cohort II

Pine Ridge Consortium-Cohort II

Shoshone Bannock-Cohort II

Standing Rock Community School-Cohort II

Two Eagle River School-Cohort II

Yakama Nation Tribal School-Cohort II