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To help ease the application process for our bureau-operated schools, this link provides information regarding the most commonly requested materials for employment consideration. Keep in mind that some schools may require additional documents other than those listed.

All Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools and facilities in this state are listed below, separated by those operated by BIE and those operated by the tribe via a contract or grant. All schools have the authority to advertise vacancies, to receive and evaluate applications for their vacancies, and select applicants for their vacancies. Some positions which are not based at Schools may be advertised by the BIE Human Resources Office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Therefore, it is very important that you read carefully the vacancy announcement before you begin putting together your application package. The vacancy announcement will contain contact information in case you have questions. It is very likely that different positions will have different application requirements and procedures. Schools and facilities may submit vacancy announcements for publication here; however, they are not required to do so. You will need to contact the schools directly for all information on vacancies at their location.

Pay careful attention to the application process outlined in vacancy announcements, and submit your application materials in accordance with those instructions.

Substitute Teacher (VA# CIS-2003)

Chewama Indian School

Business Technician (VA# CIS-2009)

Chewama Indian School

The following schools and offices are operated by the Bureau of Indian Education:

Chemawa Indian School (Grade Range: 9-12)
3700 Chemawa Road NE
Salem OR 97305
503-399-5721 X224
Vacancy Announcements and application forms also available at www.chemawa.bie.edu


The following schools and offices are funded by the Bureau of Indian Education, and are operated by the tribe or tribal government via a contract or grant:

There are no BIE Contract/Grant operated schools or facilities in this state.