Bureau of Indian Education | Arizona


Teacher (Elementary) (VA#D35N06-2017-001)

JeehDeez'a Elementary School

Social Studies Teacher (NAS) (High School) (VA# HHS17-004)

Hopi Junior/Senior High School

Special Education Director (VA# HHS17-017)

Hopi Junior/Senior High School

Academic Counselor (Senior High School) (VA# HHS17-003)

Hopi Junior/Senior High School

Language Arts Teacher (Junior High School) (VA# HHS17-020)

Hopi Junior/Senior High School

Science Teacher (Junior High School) (VA# HHS17-002)

Hopi Junior/Senior High School

Computer Teacher (VA# HHS17-005)

Hopi Junior/Senior High School

Teacher (Junior High School) (VA# HHS17-019)

Hopi Junior/Senior High School

Vocational Ed/Carpentry (High School) (VA# HHS17-001)

Hopi Junior/Senior High School

Special Education Teacher (VA# HHS17-021)

Hopi Junior/Senior High School (3 Positions)

Multiple Positions

First Mesa Elementary School

Federal Programs Director (VA# HHS17-016)

Hopi Junior/Senior High School

Alcohol/Substance Abuse Counselor (Junior High School) (VA# HHS17-014)

Hopi Junior/Senior High School

Social Studies Teacher (Junior High School) (VA# HHS17-018)

Hopi Junior/Senior High School

Academic Counselor (Junior High School) (VA# HHS17-015)

Hopi Junior/Senior High School

Teacher (Elementary) (VA # D36N18-2017-28) RE-ADVERTISEMENT

Pine Springs Day School

Various Positions

Keams Canyon Elementary School

Various Positions

Casa Blanca Community School (8 positions)

Teacher (Special Education) (VA#D33N19-2017-009)

Tuba City Boarding School

Various Positions

Wide Ruins Community School, Inc.

School Maintenance Specialist (Pest Controller) (VA# 17-D34N01-028) RE-ADVERTISEMENT

New Mexico Navajo Central, Facility Management, (D/S: Tuba City, AZ)

Teacher (Early Childhood) (VA# D32N10-2017-49)

T'iis Nazbas Community School


The following schools and offices are operated by the Bureau of Indian Education:

Arizona Navajo Central Education Line Office
Navajo Rt. 7, Building 136-C
PO Box 6003
Chinle AZ 86503-6003
928-674-5134 (fax) 

Arizona Navajo North Education Line Office
Hwy 160 & Warrior Drive, Bldg 407
PO Box 746
Tuba City AZ 86045
928-283-2286 (fax) 

Arizona Navajo South Education Line Office
Mailing Address:
PO Box 707
Window Rock AZ 86515
Physical Address:
BIA Building No. 3, Room 102
Club Road
Window Rock AZ 86515
928-871-5966 (fax) 

Arizona North Education Line Office
Highway 264, Building 6
PO Box 568
Keams Canyon AZ 86034
928-738-5139 (fax)

Arizona South Education Line Office
2901 N. Central, Suite 970
Phoenix AZ 85012
602-265-0293 (fax) 

Associate Deputy Director, Navajo
PO Box 1449
Window Rock AZ 86515-1449
FedEx/Physical Address:
BIA Building No. 3, Room 141
Club Road
Window Rock AZ 87515
928-871-5945 (fax)

Cottonwood Day School (Grade Range: K-8)
Verna Chee
Navajo Route 4
Chinle AZ 86503
928-725-3243 (fax)

Cove Day School (Grade Range: K-4)
PO Box 2000
Red Valley AZ 86544
928-653-4415 (fax)  

Dennehotso Boarding School (Grade Range: K-8)
Rosalind Adakai
PO Box 2570
Dennehotso AZ 86535
928-658-3221 (fax) 

First Mesa Elementary School (Grade Range: K-6)
Jaselyn Shulavichie
PO Box 750
Polacca AZ 86042
928-737-2323 (fax)

Havasupai Elementary School (Grade Range: K-8)
PO Box 40
Supai AZ 86435
928-448-2108 (fax)
For additional information, contact Juanita Benally, Business Technician, 928-738-2262 

Hunters Point Boarding School (Grade Range: K-5)
Route 12
PO Box Drawer 99
St. Michaels AZ 85611-0099
928-871-4435 (fax)

Jeehdeez'A Elementary School (Grade Range: K-5)
Irene Jumbo, Administrative Specialist
PO Box 6003
Chinle, AZ 86503

John F. Kennedy Day School (Grade Range: K-8)
Hwy. 73
PO Box 130
White River AZ 85941
928-338-4592 (fax) 

Kaibeto Boarding School (Grade Range: K-8)
PO Box 1420
Kaibeto AZ 86053
928-673-3489 (fax)  

Kayenta Community School (Grade Range: K-8)
Hwy 163, Box 188
Kayenta AZ 86033
928-697-3490 (fax) 

Keams Canyon Elementary School (Grade Range: K-6)
Darlene Begay
PO Box 397
Keams Canyon AZ 86034
928-738-2385 or 2395
928-738-5519 (fax) 

Many Farms High School (Grade Range: 9-12)
LaVerne Deschner-Dillon
PO Box 307
Many Farms AZ 86538
928-781-6355 (fax) 

Pine Springs Day School (Grade Range: K-4)
10021 Pine Springs Road
PO Box 4198
Houck AZ 86506-4198
928-871-4341 (fax)   

Red Rock Day School (Grade Range: K-8)
Esther Mark
PO Box Drawer 2007
Red Valley AZ 86544
928-653-5711 (fax)

Rocky Ridge Boarding School (Grade Range: K-8)
Pauline Boyd
PO Box 299
Kykotsmovi AZ 86039
928-725-3655 (fax)  

San Simon School (Grade Range: K-8)
HC01 Box 8292
Sells AZ 85634
520-361-2405 (fax)

Santa Rosa Day School (Grade Range: K-8)
HC01 Box 8400
Sells AZ 85634
520-361-2511 (fax)

Santa Rosa Ranch School (Grade Range: K-8)
HC02 Box 7570
Sells AZ 85634
520-383-3960 (fax) 

Seba Dalkai Boarding School (Grade Range: K-9)
HC63 Box H
Winslow AZ 86047-9423
928-657-3224 (fax)  

T'iis Nazbas Community School (Teec Nos Pos) (Grade Range: K-8)
PO Box 2002
Teec Nos Pos AZ 86514
928-656-3486 (fax)

Tohono O'odham High School (Grade Range: 9-12)
HC01 Box 8513
Sells AZ 85634-0513
520-362-2256 (fax)

Tonalea Day School (Red Lake) (Grade Range: K-8)
Jacque Greyhat
PO Box 39
Tonalea AZ 86044
928-283-5158 (fax)

Tuba City Boarding School (Grade Range: K-8)
Iva Dallas
306 Main Street
PO Box 187
Tuba City AZ 86045
928-283-2337 Ext 258
928-283-2348 (fax)


The following schools and offices are funded by the Bureau of Indian Education, and are operated by the tribe or tribal government via a contract or grant:

Black Mesa Community School (Grade Range: K-8)
PO Box 97
PInon AZ 86510
775-659-8781 (fax)

Blackwater Community School (Grade Range: K-2)
Route 1 Box 95
Coolidge AZ 85228
520-215-5862 (fax)

Casa Blanca Community School (Grade Range: K-4)
PO Box 10940
Bapchule AZ 85121
480-403-8595 ext 2551
Contact: hr@cbcschools.com

 Online Application & Job Listings

Chilchinbeto Community School (Grade Range: K-8)
PO Box 740
Kayenta AZ 86033
928-697-3448 (fax)
For additional information, follow the link above to contact the school directly

Cibecue Community School (Grade Range: K-12)
101 Main Street
PO Box 80068
Cibecue AZ 85911
928-332-2341 (fax)

Dilcon Community School (Grade Range: K-8)
Joann Todecheenie, HR Manager
HC63 Box G
40 Miles North Winslow, SR87
Winslow, AZ 86047
928-657-3213 (Fax)

Gila Crossing Day School (Grade Range: K-8)
4665 W. Pecos Rd
Laveen AZ 85339
866-722-5211 (fax)
For additional information, contact Torrie Lockett, Human Resources Director, at 520-550-2515 ext 340
Additional application information and Application Packages are available on the School website
web site:  http://www.gccseagles.org

Greaswood Springs Community School (Grade Range: K-8)
Emmy Puente
HC58 Box 60
Ganado AZ 86505-9706
928-654-3384 (fax) 

Greyhills Academy High School (Grade Range: 9-12)
PO Box 160
Tuba City AZ 86045
928-283-6604 (fax)

Hopi Day School (Grade Range: K-6)
PO Box 42
Kykotsmovi AZ 86039
928-734-2470 (fax)

Hopi Jr/Sr High School (Grade Range: 7-12)
PO Box 337
Keams Canyon AZ 86034
928-738-5333 (fax) 

Hotevilla Bacavi Community School (Grade Range: K-6)
PO Box 48
Hotevilla AZ 86030
928-734-2225 (fax)

Kin Dah Lich'l Olta (Grade Range: K-6)
PO Box 800
Ganado AZ 86505-0800
928-755-3448 (fax)

KinLani Bordertown Dormitory (Flagstaff) (Grade Range: 9-12)
901 KinLani Road
Flagstaff AZ 86001
928-556-9683 (fax) 

Leupp School, Inc. (Grade Range: K-12)
Hwy 99, HC61
Box D
Winslow AZ 86047

Little Singer Community School (Grade Range: K-6)
Winslow AZ 86047
928-686-6150/6207 (fax)

Lukachukai Community School (Grade Range: K-8)
Navajo Route 13
Lukachukai AZ 86507
928-787-2311 (fax)

Many Farms Community School, Inc. (Grade Range: K-8) formerly Chinle Boarding School
Da'ak'eh Halani Dine Bi'olta
PO Box 70
Many Farms AZ 86538
928-781-6376 (fax)
Mark A. Little, Human Resources/Business Technician

Moencopi Day School (Grade Range: K-6)
PO Box 185
Tuba City AZ 86045
928-283-4662 (fax)

Naatsis' Aan Community School (Navajo Mountain) (Grade Range: K-8)
PO Box 10010
Tonalea AZ 86044
928-670-2609 (fax)
For additional information, contact the School Human Resources Office at 928-672-2335 ext 23

Nazlini Community School (Grade Range: K-6)
HC58 Box 35
Ganado AZ 86505
928-755-3729 (fax)

Pinon Community School (Grade Range: K-12)
PO Box 159
Pinon AZ 86510
928-725-3232 (fax)
For additional information, contact the school directly, at 928-725-3250 ext. 606

Rock Point Community School (Grade Range: K-12)
Hwy 19
PO Box 560
Rock Point AZ 86545
928-659-4235 (fax)
Applications available at Personnel Office or website: www.rpcs.bie.edu or call (928) 659-4221 ext 229

Rough Rock Community School (Grade Range: K-12)
Sylvia Hadley
Box PTT - Rough Rock
Chinle AZ 86503
928-728-3520 (fax)
For additional information, contact Sylvia Hadley @ 928-728-3504

Salt River Elementary School (Grade Range: K-6)
11562 E Highland Ave
Scottsdale AZ 85256
480-362-2401 (fax)
For more information, contact careers@srpmic-ed.org

Salt River High School (Grade Range: 7-12)
4827 N Country Club Dr.
Scottsdale AZ 85256
480-362-2090 (fax)
For more information, contact careers@srpmic-ed.org

Second Mesa Day School (Grade Range: K-6)
La Rae Chapella
PO Box 98
Second Mesa AZ 86043
928-737-2565 (fax)
Second Mesa Employment Application 

Shonto Preparatory School (Grade Range: K-8)
East Highway 98
PO Box 7900
Shonto AZ 86054
928-672-3523 or 3513
928-672-3502 (fax)
For additional information, contact the Shonto Office of Human Resources @ 928-672-3513 or 3523 or visit the school website: www.shontoprep.org

Theodore Roosevelt School (Grade Range: 6-8)
101 Thomas Road
PO Box 567
Fort Apache AZ 85926
928-338-1009 (fax)

Tiisyaatin (Holbrook) Residential Hall (Grade Range: 9-12)
1100 West Buffalo Street
Holbrook AZ 86025
928-524-2231 (fax)

Wide Ruins Community School (Grade Range: K-6)
Hwy 91
PO Box 309
Chambers AZ 86502-0309
928-652-3252 (fax)
For additional information, contact Eileen T. Ashley, Human Resources Office @ 928-652-3252 

Winslow Residential Hall (Grade Range: 7-12)
600 N. Alfred Avenue
Winslow AZ 86047-3130
928-289-4483 (fax)
For additional information, contact Janice Bradley @ 928-289-4488