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Special Education Reports

Required public reporting for US Department of Education and Office of Special Education Programs can be found here. Additionally, any documents related to the Special Education Academy and Data Summit will be located here.

Bureau of Indian Education Section 618(a) IDEA data files are available at http://www2.ed.gov/programs/osepidea/618-data/state-level-data-files/index.html

Special Education Level of Determination

2014 School Special Level of Determinations (June 1, 2014)

State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report

FFY 2016: https://osep.grads360.org/#report/apr/2016B/publicView?state=BIE&ispublic=true

FFY 2015: https://osep.grads360.org/#report/apr/2015B/publicView?state=BIE&ispublic=true

FFY 2014: https://osep.grads360.org/#report/apr/2014B/publicView?state=BIE&ispublic=true

FFY 2013: https://osep.grads360.org/#report/apr/2013B/publicView?state=BIE&ispublic=true 

Performance of Children with Disabilities on Statewide Assessment

State Performance Plans

Annual Performance Report

Required Public Reporting on Special Education Services

Indicator Performance

Required Reporting on Special Education Services at both the Bureau level and at the School level

Special Education Parent Survey

Indicator 14 - Post School Outcomes Data (High Schools Only)

  • Memo - 2013 Post School Outcomes Data Collection Tool for SY 2011-2012 Leavers
  • Click Here for the Defined Terms Associated with Post-School Outcomes Data Collection
  • Click Here for the Data Collection Tool

Special Education Academy and Data Summit Documents

Documents related to the BIE Annual Special Education Academy and Data Summit