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Employee Benefits (Current Employees)

2018 Health Benefits Open Season is announced!

OPM announced Open Season begins 11/12/18 and runs through 12/10/18. Check out OPM website to compare plans! Employees can make changes:

  • health insurance under Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB)
  • supplemental dental & vision insurance under Federal Employees Dental & Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP)
  • enroll in Flexible Spending Accounts under the FSA program (FSAFEDS)

FEHB changes or enrollments can be done via Employee Express or by submitting original hard copy SF-2809 to HR Office  in Albuquerque, NM. SF-2809 must be received in HRO-ABQ by close of business on 12/10/18. Employees can fax placeholder to meet deadline, yet original SF2809 still must be mailed to HRO-ABQ.

Enrollment in FEDVIP can be completed online at BENEFEDS or by calling 1-877-888-3337

Enrollment in FSAFEDS can be completed online at FSAFEDS or by calling 1-877-372-3337

Reminder: Participation in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) requires re-enrollment during Open Season.

Virtual Health Benefits  Fair available - click here for more information. Live Chat days are11/13 and 12/05.


Spring 2019 Webcast schedule forthcoming for Benefits Basics!

We are willing to attempt another round of webcasts to help explain Federal benefits available to BIE employees. Keep checking back for as soon as dates are set, we will post information and links to sessions!

We still offer school locations option to request an on-site presentation. Schools must submit their request using the Field Request form and FAX to 505-563-5305. Advance notice is required and travel costs to be paid by school locations.

For more details on the benefits including checklist for forms to submit, click here for New Employee Benefits Checklist! Where can I get benefit forms?


Insurance: Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)

For more information on FEGLI including an online calculator to help estimate coverage and cost.
For benefit election forms such as SF-2817 for FEGLI election or SF-2809 for health insurance, check out Forms tab. Also available at www.opm.gov/forms

Are temporary or intermittent employees eligible for Health Insurance? Temporary/WAE Eligibility Checklist
As of 10/17/14, OPM published the rules for expanded FEHB coverage for certain employees on temporary appointments and seasonal and intermittent schedules.

The following types of employees will be eligible to enroll in an FEHB plan:

Employees on Temporary Appointments
Employees on seasonal schedules
Intermittent employees who are expected to work at least 130 hours pe month or more for at least 90 days

This rule allows for the same government contribution as full-time permanent employees during period of coverage.

When an employee enters leave without pay (LWOP) or has insufficient funds to cover FEHB premiums. LWOP provisions apply. Employee must pay the employee share of the premium for every pay period that enrollment continues.
Questionable Practices from Vendors offering Benefits!
We are aware that several companies offer services such as Retirement Analysis/Consultations or life insurance to employees via mass e-mailings or hard copy postcards/letters.

Reminder! The HR Office - Albuquerque already provides retirement estimates and counseling at no-cost to the employee. In addition it does not require release of information to third party.

Neither OPM nor OFEGLI uses sales agents to administer the FEGLI Program or to promote the Program’s benefits. Marketing materials offering to help Federal employees “reduce future FEGLI cost increases” are, at a minimum, misleading, because these companies are not offering a FEGLI product. As a reminder, FEGLI premium rates are fixed at government-wide rates based on age, salary, and individual enrollment elections. Federal employees may not obtain discounts to reduce these premiums. Additionally, OPM does not endorse any privately-sponsored life insurance policies or products, and OPM has no connection with any other supplemental life insurance products marketed to Federal employees. In this regard, in consultation with the U.S. Department of Justice, OPM continues to take affirmative steps to correct third-parties’ improper and/or deceptive use of OPM trademarks, including FEGLI.

Employees are free to choose any vendor for services or products including life insurance and/or retirement analysis. We encourage employees to make an informed decision and be aware that some vendors will utilize unique marketing to mislead. So if have questions about what Federal benefits are available or what retirement services BIE HRO-ABQ offers, call us at 505-563-5210 or send an email to

Click here to read more
OPM Benefit Administration Letter 06-202, FEGLI Program Insurance Misrepresentations and Deceptive Sales Practices

Videos on Federal Benefits

Following are highlighted videos of past webcasts by Office of Personnel Management (OPM):
Overview of Federal Insurance Programs (05/16/14)

Pay Information - 2018 Pay scales are available

Teacher/Homeliving Specialist Pay Schedule
2017-2018 (Effective July 22, 2018)

Counselor Pay Schedules
2017-2018 (Effective July 22, 2018)

General Schedule (GS) Pay Schedules
2018 Locality Pay Tables (Effective January 07, 2018)

Federal Wage System (WG) Pay Schedules
Federal Wage System (Department of Defense website)