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The Bureau of Indian Education's (BIE) reorganization to implement the Blueprint for Reform and Secretarial Order #3334 was approved by Congress through the reprogramming process. The reform addresses the chronically low performing schools and poor financial management identified by the American Indian Education Study Group, various reports and the Government Accountability Office (GAO). 

Major organizational changes will occur at the central level, along with the reorganization of the regional offices to match the school functions, and a decentralized structure to meet its State Education Agency responsibilities. 

We have provided a list of common questions for tribes below. If you have additional questions, please contact us at (202) 208-6123.

Our tribe currently has an education line office.  Where do I find out how the reform will impact our services to our tribe?  

BIE is realigning its Education Line Offices (ELO) to Education Resource Centers (ERC) to better meet the unique needs of tribes and schools.  The ERCs and the BIE field structure will be aligned by the type of schools they serve: BIE-operated and Tribally-controlled.  To get a sense of how the reorganization will impact your tribe and schools, we have posted on our webpage an overview of the reorganization’s impact on tribes and schools and the Education Resource Center which will serve them going forward. 

Our tribe has identified that our education line office will close.  Where do we go to obtain services?  

The reorganization will include some relocation of ERCs.  The list available on the BIE website will indicate which center will provide service to your tribe and schools.  While the reorganization is underway, we recognize that some ERCs will not have staffing immediately available. As we staff our new ERCs, we recommend contacting the Associate Deputy Directors (ADD) for assistance. 

o Navajo Schools, ADD Dr. Tamarah Pfeiffer, (928) 871-5961/5932

o Bureau Operated Schools, ADD Tony Dearman (505) 563-5235/5265

o Tribally Controlled Schools, Acting ADD Rosie Davis (952) 851-5424/5427

Our tribe needs immediate technical assistance. Whom do we contact to assist us with our request?

BIE's ADD's will work directly and extensively with tribes who require technical assistance, assistance with budget and financial matters, and other educational matters. Informational webinars on a variety of important topics that tribes are available on our website. If additional assistance is needed, the BIE Central office can be reached at (202) 208-6123 to provide information, support and technical assistance as may be needed to meet the needs of tribes.

Will this reform impact the contract my tribe has to provide technical assistance previously performed by an ELO?

No. The “638” of ELO functions will not be negatively impacted. The reorganization takes these circumstances into consideration. In fact, the new ERCs will be working closely with tribes to ensure that needed technical assistance is provided quickly and competently to schools and tribes.